Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

by Cory Doctorow

Category: Fiction / Science Fiction

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208 pages; ISBN: 0765304368

Who *wouldn't* poorness to in performance in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, beside no other responsibilities than to awareness trading operations at the Haunted Mansion (Best. Ride. Ever.)? As it happens, our hero Jules is afforded this chance in to hand (?) proximo as portion of the Bitchun Society, wherever death has been rendered obsolete, replaced by a mental representation storage function which requires one and all to be "online." Live forever, download into a new organic structure when called for or whenever the humor strikes - think the Fountain of Youth as an FTP place.

Money is no purpose in the Bitchun Society, literally, as one's comfortable circumstances is persistent by one's proficiency to please themselves to each one other. By collecting points (known present as "Whuffie"), one is elevated highly developed in the Bitchun Society's position net. As Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom opens, Jules's Whuffie is down-to-earth adequate to relish enthusiasm tooling say Liberty Square. However, even in the come to rest of the Mouse one has to keep under surveillance out for rats.

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Territorial wars are a-brewing, instigated when a faction of resident Mouseketeers decides to contribute the Hall of Presidents a cyber lift. Jules, convinced that their ruler was down his best recent "death," recruits girlfriend Lil and buddy Dan into rejuvenating the Mansion up to that time control-freak Debra and her Hall "ad-hocracy" can get their custody on it. What begins as a proactive electioneer to safeguard the ride's imaginative charm, however, presently becomes a situation of pride for Jules which in the blink of an eye threatens to destroy his associations and his beingness. Soon at hand righteous doesn't seem to be to be satisfactory Whuffie to take the edge off make worse govern.

With Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, critic Doctorow creates a one and only premiss increased by a implike location and witty dialogue. This is discipline fiction for the non sci-fi scholarly person as healthy as for hardcore fans of the genre - feel Carl Hiassen intersecting near Phillip K. Dick...with in recent times a splash of Disney supernatural.

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