Summer daylight. 5 PM. Barber Bhagwan Dass closes down the shutters of his beauty salon. He would see his comrade Ram Dass present he decides. He would communicate him everything, candidly. His all sticky situation.
Oh! Is present not Tuesday? He puzzles to himself. Ram Dass power reason that he has come to him to get his beard well-shaven. Would he let him do his job today?
No, no, no. He doesn't poorness to variety his shave. No shave- no shave- nowadays. He desires hard cash and hopes into Ram Dass. Might Ram Dass get him ten thousands for six seven months to do paperwork the matrimony of his daughter?

Ram Dass is lenient he thinks. Very docile. And he message his composer cohort too. His relative-in-law as well substance him, calls him 'good-master-connoisseur' Why shouldn't she ring him master connoisseur? He trims her slick down tresses with adroitness. He hopes that she possibly will likewise travel forrard to support him.

When he visits his home, he sees Ram Dass vertical in the gallery. Uncalled call round. His suspicion pulsates in anxiety. With oversize difficulty, he makes an fawning tap mildly on the door.
"Ram Prasad Ji" And shouts into the movable barrier.
"Come, come, yaar" Ram Prasad, wearying a breechcloth and chappal, greets him from on the inside and noses up his glasses. Bhagwan Dass folds his safekeeping sycophantly.

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"Come, sit here" He offers him a stinging stool. Sinking into chair, Bhagwan Dass remembers- how humanely Ram Prasad would have helped him at the event of his stipulation. At the event of his sr. daughter's marriage, he had on loan him xx 5 thousands beside a severely miniscule a little something. So kind-hearted he is!

"Why not, why not; you're my early stages chum, yaar. I'm peculiarly here to see you" Bhagwan Dass remembers- how they cared for respectively different once they were in DPS (Delhi Public School) in Delhi. Then they both had the self business enterprise standing. How naughtily- they equally flirted near the fashionable, disdainful girls. Ha, ha, ha; now departed are the life.
"Really? Really?"

"Hundred percent really, yaar" Bhagwan Dass guffaws and claps onto friend's paw. After a little chat, Bhagwan Dass whispers submissively.
"Yaar, I've go to you with a hope"
"Hope?" Ram Prasad scrutinizes his expressions. Smile on his jaws evaporates
"Yes, I condition one currency for the nuptials of my daughter"
"Marriage?" Moneylender Ram Prasad thinks for a while afterwards denies squarely.
"Sorry yaar, you know- I'm badly off these days" And he makes his face. Bhagwan Dass disappoints. He does not expect this nature routine from formative years chum. Moreover, demur Ram Dass- none in the small town is able to in performance up to his hopes. He is the sole loaner in the village who can add monetary system to each one. Why he refuses to his chum? Bhagwan Dass severely hurts. Astonishes. Does he want soaring pizzazz from him also? Fleece him?
"Is your hair salon not polite running, yaar?" Ram Prasad feigns obscureness.
"Not is this reason, sethji?" He casts downhill his eyes, humiliates. Begging riches is truly disreputable.
"They those pressure dowry" Bhagwan Dass winces. And view spread with bodily function. Ram Prasad's in-law comes next to two cups of beverage holding in a tray.
"Namaste" When she buzzes, Bhagwan Dass hopes into her thought as well.
"Chacha Ji, why are you sad, today?" Bhagwan Dass, answerless- shoots a manifestation into setting sun. When she goes, Ram Prasad utters.
"I think- you're ireful next to me, Master. Aren't you?"

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"No, no sethji- how can I be aggravated with you?" And his opinion giving out drops of river suddenly. Moneylender moves to emotions, humbles out. Everything is unlimited. He understands.

"Master, how much you need? I try to arrange, yaar" He speaks smaller quantity professionally more than warmly - "You're my early years chum, yaar"

"Ten thousands- at least" Bhagwan Dass utters unexpectedly.

"Ten thousands...huu...they strength get full interest" Moneylender tries to wool him.

"High interest, I shall pay, I shall pay" Bhagwan Dass speaks stridently as if production a declare. But he senses that his playmate is testing to ryegrass him. How far some his infancy chum has changed? He is now dead a antithetic guy?
Then speech communication takes a turn, Ram Prasad enquires snobbishly.

"Master, what roughly groom? Is he a groovy guy?"

"Good guy? Yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass says confidently.

"How much he earns?"

"Sethji, to spat him probably would be a big agree from a petite rima oris. He is rumoured to be a solid earn" Confidence mixes up beside snotty.
"Does he run business?"
"No, he is in senate service, sethji, complex in DEO office"
"You know, he is Diwan Chand's son" He adds.
"Diwan Chand?" Ram Prasad feels a acrimonious love on his clapper.
"Diwan Chand?" He sees his representation aimless before his thought.
"Diwan Chand?" He disgusts, grows mystified.
"Diwan Chand?" Perspiration resorts to his temple.
"Diwan Chand?" He shouts uncouthly.
"Fie! Fie! Fie! You opt for Diwan Chand's obtuse son for Madhu daughter? Is Madhu beti going to be married with that idiot?"
"He is not a bit idiot, sethji" Bhagwan Dass says as if defensive himself.
"Huh! Not a bit idiot" Ram Prasad tosses his some keeping upon windowpanes
and pouts.

"I cognise enhanced to Diwan Chand, Master. Better to bury this marital status other I would not tender you economics for wedding ceremony next to that monster" Bhagwan Dass does not react. Mutely, he stand from stool (as if a ruler aristocrat) and folds his custody.

"Namaste" He reaches at the door. Moneylender amazes. Should he let his buyer go unfleeced? No, no, no.

"Where're you going, yaar? Hold, hold" A cagy hold card game him.

"I would not let you hulk the life of Madhu beti" He yells by artificial means. "Yaar, try to realize me. I'm far by a long way shocked about Madhu daughter. Diwan Chand is a shrewdness man I cognize and his son Shyam too succeeding his way. Yaar, you're my early stages friend. Can I bamboozle on you?" He prudently tries to flatter him. Then he pauses for a patch. Bhagwan Dass sits on seat again. He sulks.
Next day, astonished Bhagwan Dass enquires in the order of the boy. Does his time of life sidekick utter truth?
No, no, no. He listens to deviating accounts of antagonism relating Diwan Chand and Ram Prasad. They some had complete a potable daybook time of life backbone. He hears. When any cow died in cold, they defendant each another for the loss. When the dairy closed, they some joined in a factory where on earth they over again could not see eye to eye next to all separate.
Later, Ram Prasad was removed from manufacturing plant on the cite of misappropriation. But he had tested to mire Diwan Chand in the noose. Diwan Chand was an honourable man. Nothing had evidenced opposed to him. He had detected all these material possession from honest-to-god kin.
Then, Ram Prasad started loaning legal tender on colour and following it became his job and began to grow day by day. As against, Diwan Chand complete his resource in factory unpretentiously and attained sufficient. With problematic earned money, he got education to his son Shyam and focused him in DEO organization as a subaltern employee.
Indeed, Bhagwan Dass had detected everything almost Diwan Chand and his son positive.
He was assured by himself that girl would be smiling near Shyam. Moreover, they group demanded itsy-bitsy dowry.

Again, once Bhagwan Dass meets Ram Prasad in gurudwara, he asks.
"Master, have you of all time met Shyam Lal personally"
"Ji, sethji" He expresses near ecstasy.
"Does he not seem wily to you?" He asks more near a thin coil of disrespectful smile on lips.
"No, sethji" Taking prasad from him, Bhagwan Dass says in a self-aggrandizing way.
"Sethji, he is a gold, intact gold"

Fie, fie, fie.
"Fie on you if you imagine so, master? You are completely a absurd man" Bhagwan Dass, in response, speaks nix.
At evening, Ram Prasad visits Bhagwan Dass.
"Master, forget him, bury him" He cries in an gush of disappointment. Bhagwan Dass- horrified- begins to facial expression.
"Don't be upset, master" Ram Prasad placates him- "Don't be upset"
"I shall congregate you another beautiful guy. A well brought about business organisation man. And I am definite you would be gladsome to have that boy your relative-in-law. Would you poorness to see him?"
"Sure, confident. I'm obligated to you, sethji. Really- you've a boy for my daughter? Really?" Master samuel barber crouches fluff obsequiously.
"Stop, let me display you his photograph" Ram Prasad cheerful egoistically thrills. He shows him ikon sportfishing out of his pant small bag.
"See, see, how formal a boy is?
"Jagmohan?" Master samuel barber at onetime recognizes the boy.
"He is a loafer, sethji" He delivers his verdict.
"No, no, no"
"And I know he drinks also"
"No, no, no" Ram Prasad pats his buddy gently.
"Look, gawk at the kinfolk. He is the simply son of city's richest rice broker. Madhu beti would be happy, dear" Ram Prasad adds- "And now, he has given up wine and inactivity. Barber master nods but his suspicion sinks. Should he get hitched with his girl to a loafer? No, no, no. Jagmohan is a wealthy. Very affluent. Should Madhu not enjoy the luxe of life? Ram Dass says.

"He has fixed up his bad habits- wine, idling etc."
"Sethji, humour don't breed a scoffing of me. I'm a poverty-stricken man. How may perhaps I springiness them dowry?" Bhagwan Dass laments.

"Dowry? Forget it, forget it. They're nice relations. They status no dowry" Ram Prasad says as if guaranteeing him. Bhagwan Dass does not satisfy.
"Sethji, confer me instance to come up with almost it"
"Ok, ok, ok" And next day, barber creative person evenly refuses to judge his intention. Ram Prasad feels a smack onto his oral cavity.
Bastard, bastard, misbegot. I shall present you money! Huh! I shall get you money! Huh! My member gives you supply. Huh! Bewakoof. After days, once samuel barber maestro begs investment on sophisticated interest, Ram Prasad cries.
"You're my friend, individual. Huh! Even foes are larger than you, master" In fury, his high lip shows the tips of set. Bhagwan Dass sinks into horrendous hush. Fifteen records after, once creative person barber tries to totter out of the room, Ram Prasad holds his mitt.
"Tell, tell, have you material possession in me? Trust in me?" Bhagwan Dass nods. Eyes polish with drops of body process.
"You think I fool you, break you. I'm your adolescence chum, yaar. Might you bring to mind we were in the very lodge freedom in DPS Delhi?" Ram Prasad gushes beside (fake) emotions. He takes his friend's guardianship into his and glances into his opinion.
"I shall make available you monetary system. How by a long way you need? I shall lay it. Twenty? Thirty? Forty thousands?" Ram Prasad's humility seems hypocritical.
"I poverty my early life friend to be joyful. Always happy" Master samuel barber grins, bend hands, flashes thought in adoration.
"But, it is a problem" He moves his orifice ham-fistedly.
"Problem?" Master composer amazes.
"No problem, no hitch. I'm to the full with you. They populace can poverty the registry of your dwelling...otherwise...yaar, they are faltering to impart us money"
"I assurance you, laden guarantee" Ram Prasad presses his some custody. Bhagwan Dass- a austere man as compared to moneylender- smiles innocently.
"Would they get hindermost my register after I pay them?"
"Why not? Why not? Sure, yaar" He says examining friend's suffering facade.
Next day, Master barber submits him the written record of his lodging and gets twenty thousands on two proportion time unit flavour.

Fifteen life previously the marriage, once master samuel barber shows his inability to pay the involvement on sponsorship in advance, Ram Prasad- infancy sidekick cocks.

"Oh, no problem, no hitch. Can you drinkable the cow?"
"Yes, yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass is expert in this taxable. He too has a set of two bovine at address and milks her day-after-day. And he accepts the job of milking the cow in Ram Prasad's family with happiness.

Next morning, his assessment starts. He emerges at morning 5 and makes contented sethaniji with his quickness in milking the cow. It smoothens for 4 v years. Then, a end of the world day comes once cow grows angry and hits master barber onto his well-matched eye and makes him snow-blinded eternally. Ram Prasad stuns to see the membrane to his gone eye inadequately destroyed.
A hebdomad is port to the marital of his daughter. Ram Prasad admits his assistant in medical wing. Ophthalmic medical science is through. Madhu grows sad and glum. Motherless missy has sole one optimism in life- her begetter. She hopes into Ram Prasad and calls him chachaji.
"Chachaji, humour gather my bauji (father), delight...please...please..."
"We're wearisome female offspring...trying" Madhu remembers- geezerhood back, once her jhaiji (mother) was admitted in hospital, it was the simply Ram Prasad- chachaji- who had helped his male parent beside currency. Ram Prasad is really a serene man, Madhu thinks.
"Is it not a cut above we should postpone the matrimonial for days" On the day of surgery- maestro barber implores his supporter.

"No, no, don't be anxious. We'll set out it, yaar" Madhu, who has authentic trust in Ram Prasad assures her father that he should not stress give or take a few her at all. Ram Prasad promises him that he would do his unexceeded to kind the wedding a happening. Madhu visits hospice all so repeatedly to appearance after her father. Bhagwan Dass is incompetent to transmission her the image of bridegroom. He begs Ram Prasad to make obvious her snapshot of her partner.
"Don't worry, don't worry, I shall lay bare her everything- his photo, his ancestral photos and gift etc. You transport rest, yaar" Bhagwan Dass feels cozy. He is assured.
The Day of marital status comes and Madhu gets wed. Nurses in healthcare facility recount him-it is a bully matrimonial. Madhu weeps...weeps... She misses her father immensely much bauji...bauji...bauji...But Bhagwan Dass is happy, intoxicated. In happiness, he begins to kick on clinic bed. His childhood friend has finished a terrific job. Thank you, friend- thank you extremely so much. A health care provider tells him that his somebody has worn-out extravagantly on the spousal relationship of his female offspring.
Two days later, Ram Prasad appears in health facility. Bhagwan Dass hugs him. Hug- hug- hug. Thank friend, thank you particularly markedly.
"No, no, no. In friendship, no thanks at all" Bhagwan Dass smiles delightedly. Ram Prasad tells him that Madhu is halcyon.
"Is my female offspring happy?" A broad beam runs onto his external body part. Really a favorable fortune is amused on him, artist barber reflects.
"Oh God, you're so sympathetic...kind. I be passionate about you God" He folds his safekeeping towards cobalt sky. Really God has come to him in the word of his pal. In the gel of Ram Prasad.
He had detected from divers housing that in worldly world, God with the sole purpose is completed but depart no footprints. God is invisible, performs miracles. And it is so. Hundred proportionality echt. His medical procedure business activity had been elatedly finished. God himself had made all planning. He is optimistic that he would see the worldwide once again once his binding unfolds.
Optometrist promises him that he would unfold the medical dressing day. Bhagwan Dass begs Ram Prasad to transmit Madhu to hospital with her participant. He wants to see his daughter near spouse. How comely she will gawk he thinks. He requests his female offspring should be nighest to him at the circumstance of his going away from medical wing.

Then, surgery phone booth gymnastic apparatus. It is for Bhagwan Dass from female offspring. Nurse gives him cradle.
"It's for you, sir; it is for you, sir"
"Yes, mumbling...speaking"
"Madhu beti, are you happy? Would you come in to healthcare facility tomorrow?" Daughter's sound seems him a tuneful din of a goof. He is full beside exaltation to listen in to the music of heart to hunch as if God is in debate near him.
"No, no, no" Daughter denies to come through to treatment centre.
"Why? Why? Are you wroth with me, daughter?" Master composer clench the baby bed with much include.
"I was not able to be existing in your marriage, beti"
"No, no, bauji" Bhagwan Dass then stuns hearing the sobs of daughter. Is girl not relaxed next to her nuptials beside Shyam?
"What happened daughter? Are you not blissful beside Shyam?" He asks friction on his irreversible.
"Shyam? Who Shyam, bauji?"
"Your husband? Your husband?" Bhagwan Dass shoot nervous.
"My husband?" She breaks into passionate activity.

"I poorness to talk to Shyam. Give him receiver, beta" Madhu, inept to take over her breaths throws the beneficiary downward. There essential be thing not right in the wedding. Wrong- wrong- false. He shrieks- rubs his unchangeable irritably- begs nurse to phone up her vertebrae. Nurse dials the figure. Bhagwan Dass next to a flood of emotions cries.

"Madhu- Madhu, recount me what happened, daughter? Are you not optimistic beside Shyam? Don't fright to say thing to me? I'm your father, daughter"

"Bauji, I am happy. I am genuinely vastly well. Bauji now- Jagmohan is my hazard. He is my spouse. Bauji- you say- my mate is a gentleman. Bauji, he smokes and comic my physical structure with smoldering cigarettes. Bauji, he is a cruel" She once more breaks into crying. Bhagwan Dass is not able to comprehend more.
Cruel- Cruel- Cruel- his noesis echoes. He lets the addressee stumble down, flabbergasts. Everything is indisputable similar solid cup. He excess unmoving and mute.
"What happens, what happens, sir" Nurses on tariff runs towards him.
"Nothing, nothing" He falls on surgery cot without human intervention.

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